Live and Work in Ways that Do No Harm

Create Meaningful and Sustainable Actions in Social and Environmental Impact Spaces

Develop Resilient Communities

Make Conflict Generative, Transformative and Less Harmful

Cultivate Our Shared Humanity and Collective Responsibility

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Do No Harm

An experiential skills-based learning session. Develop insight, skills, and tools needed to engage mindfully and with compassion, cultivate resilience, transform conflict, and build trauma literacy.

February 1st and 2nd, 2024

Karuna — Compassionate and joyful actions, with equal consideration for all beings.


Mindful Engagement Transforming Action

An experiential, skills-based learning program designed to introduce participants to the qualities of Mindful Engagementauthenticity, mindfulness, compassion, skillful communication, equanimity, responsibility, and love for your work. This research-based practice has been developed by understanding the shared wisdom of people who work, internationally, in social and environmental justice, peace and reconciliation, healthcare, education, and indigenous rights. Develop personal insight, skills, and tools needed to build resilience, transform conflict, and create impactful and sustainable actions that do not harm others or the planet.

Trauma-Informed Conflict Transformation

Build trauma-informed conflict engagement skills and literacy. Learn constructive alternatives to the destructive conflicts that undermine social, environmental, political and community change efforts.  Understand the nature of conflict, learn how to respond, and build skills and steps needed to prevent, manage, and resolve conflicts with individuals, groups, in communities and systems that support them. Make conflicts generative and less harmful. Working from a trauma informed lens, we recognize and appreciate the need to build skills, practices, and resilience in order to anticipate, prepare, recognize and respond when trauma is present.

Community Resilience and Engagement

Facilitate community-based culturally relevant dialogue across multiple sectors. Community Resilience and Engagement (CRE) is a culturally informed, community-centric model, using the principles of reflective and transformational dialogue, harm reduction, and qualitative research. CRE supports co-creating strategies that enhance social equity, collective action, and builds capacity for resilience in response to the effects of social and environmental impacts.

Do No Harm Book 

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Who Benefits

  • Social, Environmental, and Community Impact Spaces
  • Community Organizers, Therapists, Counselors, Coaches
  • Peace Builders, Mediators and Conflict Professionals
  • Non-Governmental, Public Benefit and Governmental Organizations
  • Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid Organizations
  • Religious and Spiritual Communities