The Karuna Center – Live and Work in Ways that Do No Harm

Create Meaningful and Sustainable Actions in Social Impact Groups

Develop Resilient Communities

Make Conflict Generative, Transformative and Less Harmful

Cultivating Our Shared Humanity and Collective Responsibility
for a Just, Kind and Compassionate World

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To take good care of ourselves and our world is a universal obligation
of fundamental importance. Courageous and thoughtful, Wendy
Wood, PhD and Thaïs Mazur, PhD have written a guide for responding
purposefully and with compassion to the challenges the world faces
at home and abroad. They share the stories of people who exemplify
the essence of what it means to live and work in ways that do no
harm, without domination and divisiveness. Whether you are a
social activist, educator, healthcare worker, community advocate, or
someone who is wanting to ‘just do something’, engaging mindfully
can become a source and foundation for bringing actions into the
world that support the change we are hoping to initiate and realize.

What We Offer

Mindful Engagement Transforming Action

An experiential, skills-based learning program designed to introduce participants to the qualities of Mindful Engagementauthenticity, mindfulness, compassion, skillful communication, equanimity, responsibility, and love for your work. Mindful Engagement Transforming Action—META—is a research-based practice that came about through the shared wisdom of people from around the world who work in social and environmental justice, peace and reconciliation, healthcare, education, and indigenous rights. After years of experience, contemplation, successes, and failures, these people have embraced certain qualities they express as essential, in their work and their daily lives. META workshops provide personal insight, skills, and tools needed to embrace our common humanity, build resilience, transform conflict, and create impactful and sustainable actions that do not harm others or the planet.

Conflict Engagement, Transformation, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Build conflict engagement skills and literacy to help us better understand, address, and respond to conflicts in relationships, in organizations, in groups, in communities, and within systems that support them. Understand the nature of conflict, and build skills and steps needed to prevent, manage, and resolve them. Explore ways to remain clear and balanced during conflict through mindfulness meditation. Make conflict generative and less harmful. For mediation and alternative dispute resolution services, Connect Here..

Community Resilience Leadership

A powerful approach for bringing together leaders and influencers to discover, assess, and evaluate existing strengths as well as challenges that need to be addressed; implement initiatives in communities and organizations; design tools and solutions to deal with difficult issues; and facilitate meaningful and strategic exchanges of resources, cooperation, and collaboration. This community-based model is designed to build socially cohesive progressive communities that are hardy, self-reliant, and able to maintain themselves by collective efforts — that is, they are resilient. Find out more here.

Trauma Informed Practices

Communities, organizations, and advocates for positive social change often engage with traumatized individuals, communities, and systems – or may experience vicarious trauma as a result of their work. Trauma is an injury resulting from an experience that overwhelms one’s ability to protect oneself and stay safe. The injury can be physical, developmental, emotional, relational, and/or spiritual. Becoming trauma literate and building trauma-informed skills and resilience is important in order to anticipate, prepare, and recognize and respond. Manage the effects of secondary and vicarious trauma. Contact us to learn more about trauma related training, consultation, and support.

Who Benefits

  • Social Movements, Coalitions, Political Organizations and Grassroots Groups
  • Justice and Legal Professionals
  • Health, Mental Health, and Social Welfare Providers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Peace Builders, Mediators and Conflict Management Professionals
  • Non-Governmental, Public Benefit and Governmental Organizations
  • Leaders in Business, Communities, Organizations
  • Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid Organizations
  • Religious and Spiritual Communities
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The Karuna Center - Do No Harm


Some thoughts to keep us steady through perilous times.

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