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Wendy Wood, PhD—Mediator, dialogue facilitator, consultant, teacher, author of numerous articles and books. Working locally and internationally, a pioneer and leader in the fields of conflict literacy and capacity building in social impact and political organizations, community engagement, and trauma-informed mediation and peace building.

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  • Supporting interest-based collaborative solutions to conflicts.
  • Resolving complex multi-party disputes.
  • Facilitating dialogue for difficult conversations.
  • Designing preventative conflict resolution systems for public and private sector organizations.
  • Mobilizing mediators to help build conflict literacy and capacity in social impact organizations.
  • Addressing the conflicts that divide us as nations and as people.
  • Training mediators.
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Designing a roadmap for leaders, organizers, activists, conflict practitioners, and peace builders within social impact movements and political organizations.






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Wendy Lucas Wood, PhD is a conflict engagement professional, mediator, social scientist, consultant, trainer, and author. Wendy works internationally specializing in resolving complex high conflict multi-party disputes; strategic systems design; conflict coaching; mediating conflicts in communities, in the workplace, and within organizations; public policy disputes; social and environmental justice advocacy; and trauma-informed mediation and peacebuilding. She has worked in rural and urban communities throughout the world leading efforts with a range of organizations and communities including governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, health and social welfare agencies, social movements, political organizations, academic institutions, judicial systems, public policy institutions, philanthropic foundations, and disaster relief organizations. Wendy is the Co-Founder of The Karuna Center for Mindful Engagement and currently leads The Democracy, Politics, and Conflict Engagement Initiative—building conflict resolution capacity and resilience in communities, social and environmental movements and political organizations for positive social change. The initiative is a resource hub for mediators, organizers, and activists, and those working for social impact in the heart of their communities,  The network provides training, consulting, mediation, dialogue and facilitation within and between organizations, and practices to engage mindfully and respond constructively to conflict.

Dr. Wood has worked with communities and organizations throughout the world including: The Mind and Life Institute, Ihumure Rwanda, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, The World Missions Council, Mediators Beyond Borders Int’l, The Parliament of World’s Religions, Association for Conflict Resolution, The Child Trauma Academy, California Department of Health Services, University of California, U.S. Department of the Interior, Indivisible Project, Resologics, Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento Literacy Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and the Global Youth Development Initiative, as well as efforts in her community and surrounding areas. Wendy presents and lectures internationally at conferences and universities, designing curricula, and contributing to journals and publications. She is the author of several books including the new edition being released spring 2021 of Do No Harm: Mindful Engagement for a World in Crisis. Wendy holds a Doctorate Degree in Human Science, specializing in Conflict Transformation and Social Change, a Master’s Degree in Public Health and Administration, and is a certified mediator from The Center for Dispute Resolution and the University of California, Berkeley. 

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