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The 7 Foundations of Mindful Engagement

  • Authenticity — Know Yourself
  • Skillful Communication — Open & receptive, without bias or judgement
  • Mindfulness — Balanced awareness of thoughts & emotions
  • Compassion — Engaging with the best interest of others in mind
  • Love — Ushers in the hope that anything is possible
  • Equanimity — Doing no harm with equal regard for all people
  • Responsibility — What happens to me happens to you, and what happens to you happens to me

The Karuna Center can help bring META to your organization or community.

Mindful Engagement Transforming Action – META – was developed through the research of Wendy Wood, PhD and Thais Mazur, PhD as they sought to answer the question, “What personal qualities are required for us to work in ways that do not harm others or the planet?” As they interviewed exemplars throughout the world in the fields of health, education, organizational leadership, peace and reconciliation, and environmental and social justice, these 7 Foundational qualities consistently emerged. Their book, Do No Harm – Mindful Engagement for a Word in Crisis shares the stories of people who are active in the fields of social and environmental justice, health, education, and peace and reconciliation, and the qualities they have found to be critical in their lives and work.

We have been teaching, presenting and consulting on Mindful Engagement Transforming Action META – throughout the world in multiple contexts across cultures, across disciplines, and across religious and spiritual practices, working with a wide range of people and organizations. Working with business and community leaders, health care systems, legal communities, first nation peoples, young women in Afghanistan, South Sudanese and Rwandese religious leaders, mediators and conflict professionals, rural communities, and social change organizations, we help build their capacity to engage mindfully, with compassion, and without harm to others or the planet.

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