Wendy Wood, PhD and Thais Mazur, PhD - The Karuna Center

Current Projects and Partners

Do No Harm – Mindful Engagement Transforming Action

The Karuna Center is facilitating personal and professional workshops and retreats, dialogues, and individual compassion-based coaching. We are working with health care professionals, students, community organizers, indigenous communities, environmental and social justice advocates, religious and spiritual groups, conflict transformation practitioners, and political leaders. Motivated by the need to DO NO HARM, participants are able to integrate Mindful Engagement qualities and practices into their daily lives — recognizing the need to change the ways in which they engage with themselves, their families, their communities, and their work — as they navigate the current social, political and environmental conditions and challenges that continue to emerged.

Democracy Politics and Conflict Engagement

The Karuna Center is collaborating with pro-democracy inter-movement efforts and conflict engagement practitioners who work in social, environmental, political and community impact spaces experiencing conflict. This mobilization effort includes networking, community engagement, creating learning opportunities, trainings, providing direct conflict related services, and supporting practitioners with projects.

  • In an era marked by division and erosion of democratic principles and practices, the United States faces a constellation of conflicts across various levels of society. Our local, regional, and national discourse is increasingly polarized. 
  • The need for trans-partisan skilled bridge builders and collaborative practitioners who can support pro-democracy efforts locally and nationally has never been more critical. 
  • Pro-Democracy and Bridge Building movements are connecting, mobilizing and actively trying to address these concerns)
  • The need for Bridging Practitioners — skilled conflict competent practitioners — who are willing to voluntarily get involved with pro-democracy efforts at the local, regional and national levels, has never been greater, yet the voices capable of bridging these divides remain scattered and uncoordinated.
  • The Karuna Center is a leading organization collaborating on a “Call to Action” with a multitude of pro-democracy place-base organizations, and practitioners, provideing pathways to participation, connecting pro-democracy efforts (both public and private) with volunteer Bridging Practitioners (i.e. mediators, facilitators, dialogue practitioners). As Bridging Practitioners voluntarily enter into these spaces, what emerges is a more participatory democracy – conflict resolution and transformation, effective dialogue, constructive conversations, mutual understanding, problem-solving, and inclusive decision making.

Environmental Justice and Public Policy

The Karuna Center is partnering with a number of regional and national stakeholders to facilitate reflective and transformational dialogues with multiple stakeholders, — environmental justice advocates, tribal representatives, local businesses, public policy decision makers — to design and implement collaborative, sustainable climate change efforts. We are also working closely with indigenous communities around issues of environmental justice, climate crises, and health equity in California and the Alaskan Territory.

Resilient Communities

The Karuna Center is implementing Community Resilience and Engagement, facilitating dialogues, strategies and coalition building. This multi-sector project is designed to build the capacity of stakeholders and regional leaders to effectively advocate for practices, programs, and policies that strengthen the resilience of communities. We are helping to facilitate ongoing convenings of key stakeholders and community representatives, build communities of practice, and advocacy supporting all ages and cultures.