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Recent Projects and Partnerships!

Center for Dispute Resolution & Karuna Trainings & Mentoring

Along with Ken Cloke and the Center for Dispute Resolution, we have designed and now offering mediation and advanced conflict resolution training, coaching, and mentoring for social activists, organizers, leaders, and people working with community, social, political, labor, and environmental organizations. Participants build their skills and capacities needed to engage conflicts creatively and constructively; not just to increase civility, but to explore differences, turn passion and commitment into generative and creative problem-solving, and make change easier, more effective, collaborative, satisfying, and inclusive. More details HERE.

Democracy, Politics, & Conflict Engagement Initiative

Are you part of a Political or Social Organization? Does conflict get in the way of your capacity to effect positive change?

Our work with the Democracy, Politics and Conflict Engagement Initiative (DPACE) might interest you. We support political and social impact organizations in developing conflict literacy and conflict capacity. We partner with conflict practitioners and peace builder to help these groups improve how they engage with conflict and create meaningful and lasting social and political change.

Resilient Rural Communities

How can we build resilience in communities? What does it take to facilitate dialogues and collaborations in diverse and unique environments?

Community Resilience Leadership™ was launched in 2019 by a broad representation of residents, providers, and recipients of services in rural California on the Mendocino North Coast. They are facilitating collaborative gatherings where they learn about ‘resilience’, build communities of practice, as well as initiate and sponsor trainings in health, mental health, trauma literacy, and community wellness.

Human Science Institute

The Karuna Center works closely with the Human Science Institute to provide academic and professional education grounded in a transdisciplinary social science perspective and develop programs responsive to current environmental and social problems. They offer a communications and networking platform to connect scholars, practitioners, advocates and activists working on diverse contemporary issues.

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