The Karuna Center for Mindful Engagement

The Karuna Center is a public benefit organization, established as a way of helping individuals, communities, and organizations find ways to live and work in ways that do not harm others or the planet. Our mission is to cultivate our shared humanity and collective responsibility for a more just, kind and compassionate world by supporting social impact groups, building resilient communities, and making conflict generative and transformative.

Let’s Connect!

Wendy Wood, PhD and Thaïs Mazur, PhD, are the co-founders of The Karuna Center for Mindful Engagement. They are social scientists, leaders in organizations, veteran practitioners, and authors, and have dedicated their careers to work in the fields of organizational and community development, research and education, health care, conflict resolution and peace building. Dr. Wood and Dr. Mazur have lectured and led workshops and retreats internationally on leadership through mindful engagement; social systems transformation; social, environmental, and occupational justice; mind body medicine; trauma and peace building; and conflict resolution and engagement.

Along with their work in for profit and public benefit corporations, they have collaborated with international social impact organizations including Mediators Beyond Borders International, The Parliament of World’s Religions, The World Missions Council, Bioneers, Food Policy Council, Housing First, Indivisible Project, The Mind & Life Institute, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Action Network, Fukushima Kids Project, The Peace Gong, Impact Foundry, Greenpeace, The Center for Dispute Resolution, Compassion Institute, Ocean Conservation Research, Amnesty International, Child Trauma Academy, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Bat Shalom, Coalition of Women for a Just Peace, The Garden Project, Resologics, Young Women’s Leadership Conference, Omnipartial, Brave Conversations, and prominent academic institutions. They are founding members of The Human Science Institute.

The Karuna Center is fiscally sponsored by The Human Science Institute EIN#47-3628753.