Designed for social activists, organizers, leaders, and people working with community, social, political, labor, and environmental organizations. Build the skills and capacities needed to engage conflicts creatively and constructively; not just to increase civility, but to explore differences, turn passion and commitment into generative and creative problem-solving, and make change easier, more effective, collaborative, satisfying, and inclusive.   

The mediation certification and advanced training will be led by Kenneth Cloke (Center for Dispute Resolution), and the conflict coaching/mentoring program will be led by Wendy Wood (The Karuna Center), assisted by conflict practitioners who work in social impact spaces.  The program will take place in three separate tracks.

  • The first track will be an interactive training in mediation skills on February 22, 23, 25, and 26, 2021, leading to a Certificate in Mediation. For course details and registration, click HERE
  • The second track will be an advanced training on May 17, 18, 20, and 21, in advanced mediation skills, facilitating dialogues and large group consensus building processes, designing conflict resolution systems, and building skills in resolving organizational and political conflicts. For course details and registration, click HERE
  • The third track will be individual and/or team coaching and mentoring, to follow each training. In this track, participants will meet periodically with conflict coaches/mentors to discuss and practice their skills in mediation, facilitation, conducting difficult dialogues, and designing improved systems for resolving conflict—skills that can be applied to conflicts at home, at work, and in their organizations. Coaches will assist participants in exploring and analyzing the “culture of conflict” in their workplaces and organizations, and in preparing recommendations to their groups’ leadership teams on ways of resolving conflicts; improving unity; creating more integrated, complex, self-correcting conflict systems; and strengthening their informal problem solving, collaborative negotiation, and conflict resolution skills and capacities. For course details and registration, contact  

Costs will be $1,000 per person for each set of 4 days of training, or $2,000 for both training tracks. The coaching track will consist of 5 hours of coaching/mentoring.  The cost will be $500 per person, $1,000 per person for both coaching tracks, or $3,000 per person for all three tracks. You can sign up for one track at a time. A 20% discount is available for each team of two or more from the same organization.